Reflections On The First Stage Of The Deaf Language Models Program


  • Bennacer, Yassine, Université Cadi Ayyad, Morocco Université Cadi Ayyad, Morocco Author


This article presents the results of the situational diagnosis of 15 deaf young people who participated in the research-advocacy project called Formation of deaf linguistic models to facilitate literacy in deaf people who are not in school. This project is directed by the Government Program Office of Veracruz (PROGOB). The case study points out the deficiencies in access to education and social welfare, as well as the future expectations of the deaf participants. This article reflects on the training workshop of the Language Model for the Deaf and its certified training. Methodologically, qualitative data analysis is applied through horizontal interaction and the use of a bilingual and intercultural approach. With the data collected, inclusion/exclusion factors were established. The discussion shares light on the methodology for further reproduction.


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