Information And Communication Technologies In The Master's Degree In Health Economics


  • Asano, Masatoshi, Tohoku University, Japan Tohoku University, Japan Author


The use of information and communication technologies has great relevance in training. The National School of Public Health has a system of courses on this topic for the improvement of students who come to the center. The program of excellence for the master's degree in Health Economics has, since its inception, the course "Information and Communication Technologies for Health Professionals", which in its fifth edition has a strengthened faculty and the technological means necessary to its development. The objective of this work is to describe the results of the course from its implementation in the virtual classroom of the National School of Public Health. The methods used were the bibliographic review and documentary analysis to update the contents, the analysis of the platform reports, and the unstructured survey to determine strengths and challenges. As a result, the planned contents were updated and training was carried out for the practical use of collaborative work tools and bibliographic managers. Participations in the virtual classroom were nourished and strengths were appreciated in the preparation of the faculty, in the motivation of the students and in the novelty of the topics. The course provided techniques to search, organize, research, and publish on health economics. It is concluded that the use of virtual environments enables the consolidation of technological and informational competencies based on self-learning and collaborative work, as well as the appropriation of content and the best use of the virtual environment with respect to initial familiarization.


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