Performance Symphony: The Interplay of Leadership Styles in Organizational Effectiveness


  • Milton Carlos Valtier1* , Martha Fonseca2 , San Dyong3 1 University of Brescia, Italy 2 Warsaw School of Economics, Poland 3 Hofstra University, USA Author


The importance of leadership lies in its effective impact on the performance of workers in administrative organizations and institutions, whether they are production or service, and it constitutes a source of authority and influence on the behavior and effectiveness of workers’ performance. Leadership is one of the main driving forces to improve the performance of the company. It is assumed that the type of leadership style used in an organization has an impact on its overall performance. The study examined leadership style and its effect on its organizational performance. A qualitative case study design was used. Purposeful sampling is adopted to sample the total number of employees. The study proved that organizations mainly use the democratic leadership style in their operations. He also discovered that the democratic leadership style that is practiced has had a measurable impact on the operations and performance of the organization.


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