Internationalization In Brazilian Basic Education: Challenges In Teacher Training


  • Maria P. Diaz, School of Education, University of Granada, Spain Author


Although there are geographical distances between countries on different continents, this distance dissipates as technology allows one to enter the other's space and immigration makes it possible to come and go between nations, bringing people and cultures closer together and demanding a new thinking about society, a new way of thinking and doing education. In the meantime, there is internationalization, which is no longer just a niche in Higher Education and is now moving into Basic Education, even if, at times, silently. This article aims to reflect on internationalization in Basic Education in the Brazilian scenario. It addresses aspects of dual immersion schools, the Brazilian context of internationalization in Basic Education and the teacher necessary for teaching in an educational territory that is increasingly interconnected, globalized and intercultural, which is taking great strides towards internationalization.


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