University Context, Teachers And Students: Links And Academic Success


  • Molly R. Smith Anne Institute of Political Science, Sciences Po, France Author


 The promotion of quality education in higher education institutions promotes self-efficacy. The objective of the work was directed to the analysis of the characteristics of the faculty and the academic success of students at the end of the first year in the university context. The population studied was 6690 students and 256 professors, the data set had 15 variables between numerical and categorical. Descriptive statistics, metrics designed to evaluate meaningful data and advanced visualization techniques were used. The results revealed the essential profile of experienced and mature teachers, both in teaching and age groups. Experienced teachers who participated in teaching at a rate of more than 66%, influenced with 72% certainty the academic success of the student body. In the short term, novice teachers whose participation rate was 33% showed a positive effect. In the long term, students changed (8%) or dropped out (59%) of the university degree. The usefulness of these results provides suggestions for meaningful and timely teaching, provided that the distribution of experienced and mature faculty corresponds to two to three thirds of the total number of first-year faculty in the university degree program.


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